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Curtis Waters drops new single "STAR KILLER" 

The new single is a personal commentary for Waters, who is navigating new success while staying true to his identity as a first generation immigrant from Nepal. 

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Curtis Waters drops new single
Photo Credit: Theodore Sielatychki

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Alt-pop rising star Curtis Waters has just dropped his latest single “STAR KILLER”. Exploding into existence with a crunchy, captivating guitar hook and addictive, throbbing bassline, “STAR KILLER” is iconic from its inception. Laced with the perfect amount of early aughts inspired pop-punk production ala The Killers, The Strokes, Angels and Airwaves et. al the track is an exciting exploration into a darker, more alternative pop sound. 

At only twenty-two years old, Curtis Waters has already established himself as a talented musical triple threat: writer, producer, and performer, and he doesn’t miss the opportunity to flex his creative muscles on the violent delight that is “STAR KILLER”.  Sonically addictive, the relentless and unflinching production serves only to increase the power behind Waters’ stark lyricism. At its core “STAR KILLER” is a personal commentary for Waters, who is navigating new success while staying true to his identity as a first generation immigrant from Nepal.   

Following one billion streams on his debut album and#39;Pity Party,and#39; Curtis Waters followed up with the electrifying post-punk single and#39;MANIC MANand#39; - a brutally honest reflection on identity, insecurity, and mental health. The 22-year old singer, songwriter, andamp; producer has earned over 150K YouTube subscribers, 60K IG followers, and 138K on Tik-Tok - earning him over 100M views across platforms. After the growth of his viral hit and#39;Stunnin,and#39; the Nepali-born creative was covered by the likes of Rolling Stone, Billboard, and Pigeons andamp; Planes. He quickly launched himself into collaborations with acts like renforshort, Kim Petras, and Brevin Kim alongside serving as the ambassador for major brands including MCM, Mercedes, and Haagen Dazs. After experiencing rapid online success, the multi-hyphenate spent time re-imagining his creative identity andamp; sound, working with artists like TiaCorine, Shrimp, and greek as he built a new world. His forthcoming album is a true immigrant story, a reflection on a young, brown creative being thrown into the mainstream overnight, while navigating deep issues of self-doubt andamp; cultural identity along the way. 


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