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Aritist And Fan is your source for all things music and music business related. Launched in October of 2020 as a media platform, Aritist And Fan is currently in beta mode with a large number of features set to launch in January of 2021 including the most comprehensive contact and contract database, contact and customer management system, and tool set for the music industry and do-it-yourself oriented or developing musicians including, but definitely not limited to label services, promotion and publicity, marketing, customer relations management, radio & playlist servicing, itinerary management, performance promotion, live-streaming, and a tour and show management suite for musicians and music industry professionals.

Aritist And Fan is, exactly as our name implies, a "Hub" for Music Business. The site is run by a team of web developers and current music business professionals who are currently, and have been active in all areas of the business including agency representation, artist management, A&R, live event promotion, publishing, PR, venue operation, talent buying, tour management, festival promotion, content creation, social media marketing, music journalism, publicity, graphic and web design and more. Members of our team have, for decades, represented and/or worked with some of the biggest names in music and have created this platform to offer artists access to all of the tools, contacts and tricks of the trade which are typically reserved for and utilized exclusively by well-connected industry professionals only. Our mission is the ultimate transfer of power from the gatekeepers of the industry back into the hands of the artists where it belongs. The music industry is legendary for being a tightly gated community with extremely high barriers to entry. We intend to break down those barriers and provide complete access to the creatives who need it.

The media side of Aritist And Fan, what you see now, is the driving force behind the site. Our daily news, blog posts, playlists, updates, interviews, reviews, podcast, advice columns, announcements etc. are all free to use and always will be. We look forward to bringing you the full set of tools in early 2021 along with new features to be added regularly.

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