Music Power Charts "Alternative RNB Chart"

The December Music Power Charts are here. 

Music Power Charts, Alternative RNB Chart

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The folks at Music Power Charts have released their Alternative RNB chart and this month's top honor goes to Jhene Aiko with 145.5 million streams, a full 44 million higher than the number two spot held by Summer Walker, followed closely by H.E.R at 99.1 million. It's going to be really interesting to see how the numbers on this chart grow over the coming holiday weeks with more people off work with nothing to do but listen to the music they love. The full chart, featuring the top 40 artists in the genre is displayed in the picture above.  

The method used by Music Power charts to determine chart postion is described below. 

1. All streams are created equal. This chart counts all streams on all platforms; on demand and programmed, to give you the true number of how many plays an artist gets. US originated streams and sales only are counted at this time. TOtal streams are show on the chart in millions.

2. Only living artists with a new song or album in the last three years are included. 

3. Genres sub-genres, moods and scenes rule. Smaller scenes deserve charts too. 

4. An album sale counts as 1500 streams. A digital single sale counts as 150 streams.

5. Youtube, Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal and more outlets are counted. 

We here at MusicBizHub absolutely love the way that Music Power Charts have stepped up to provide charts for many of the genres that get paid less attention to. Genres like Dancehall, Shoegaze, Alternative RandB, Folk Rock, Southern Hip-Hop, Jam, Female Emcees, Transformational Roots and more as well as charts that are specific to certain companies within the music industry like agencies, management companies etc.  We will continue to bring you these charts as often as they are published, which at the current rate is a few times per week. 

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