Brian Fennell starts 2021 with new SYML single "True"

Check out the new single from SYML, the solo project fo Singer, Songwriter & Producer Brian Fennel

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SYML, the solo project of singer, songwriter and producer Brian Fennell, begins the year with “True,” a new song out today via Nettwerk Records. Listen here. It's a sleepy chill bedroom pop tune that builds, with a subtly percussive backbeat and heavenly vocals into an almost epic crescendo before coming to a somewhat abrupt end at just over 3 minutes, leaving the listener longing for continuation and humming the repeated chorus, almost ironically, "I can't believe it's over". 

Since SYML’s debut in 2016, Fennell has risen to prominence with an acclaimed body of work celebrated for its honest songwriting exploring themes of longing and loss, earning millions of streams across platforms. “True” is a prelude to much more music to come in 2021

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“True love is painful,” says Fennell. “True love fails. True love moves. We have to have faith in it for it to be real, like god. This song is about watching what we thought was true love fall apart. It’s about divorce and making the mistake of thinking you are immune to it. I got to team up with some friends to record this one, including a new friend, Paul Meany, who brought an amazing flavor to the mix.”

Brian Fennell is a self-taught producer, programmer and engineer as well as guitarist, percussionist and classically trained pianist with deep roots in the Pacific Northwest. SYML, Welsh for ‘simple’ and pronounced ‘sim-muhl,’ is Fennell’s solo project after departing from the Seattle indie-rock band Barcelona, which he started shortly after college and toured with for over a decade. He shared his self-titled debut in 2019 and the wordless EP You Knew It Was Me in November 2020.

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