Chicagos Four Stars Respond to Systematic Racism with "Fools Gold"

An reflection of the way things are and thoughts on the way things should be


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Four Stars

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Chicago pop-punk/emo quartet Four Stars has released their new single "Fool's Gold," the result of years of witnessing systemic oppression and bald faced deception in their lives. There are many who would like to paint this as an issue of political relevance, but the band believes politics go out the window when Americans die at the hands of those sworn to protect them. The song, which clocks in just under four and a half minutes, trollops through a romp of rage under restraint, as if the thing that really needs to be said, just can't seem to be squeezed into a box considered fitting for a "proper" feel-good bop. While it dances around and skirts the edges of pop infused punkydom, the well-placed angst can't help but seep through, just as it should.

"I am African," says vocalist Aida Ahmed. "Born in Kenya to Somalian parents. I am Brown, but I cry for my Black brothers and sisters I see on the news. How can we be free when we live in fear of those tasked with 'protecting' our freedoms?"

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In the video for "Fool's Gold", the band wears white-out contacts to symbolize the state of hypnosis much of our country has been in for far too long. "We’ve been conditioned into complacency by a system; built by the privileged, for the privileged; that exploits the rest of us financially, physically and mentally. How much louder must we yell for change before we are finally heard?,"  asks Ahmed.

Originally brought together by a shared desire to enter a Battle Of The Bands contest, back in 2017, Four Stars have since found themselves opening for the likes of Boys Of Fall, Oh Weatherly, and Never Loved. Their previous videos and releases have amassed tens of thousands of plays online, and their live-show visuals simply furthers that reach and reinforces the fact that this is a band of songwriters and performers well worth knowing about.

The band released their debut EP Headapace last February and are currently at work on a follow-up.

Listen to the single "Fool's Gold" now on Spotify or on our Ultimate Emo Playlist

All proceeds of Fool’s Gold will benefit BUILD Chicago, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

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