GLASWING (Aaron Marsh of Copeland) Unveils New Single “Yesterday, I Lost a Day”

EP Due Out in 2021


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In what seems like a most obvious progression for Aaron Marsh of emo darlings Copeland, his new project, the dreamy electro-pop GLASWING has unveiled his latest single, “Yesterday, I Lost a Day.” “‘Yesterday, I Lost a Day” is about not taking the good days for granted,” shares Marsh. Even when they seem mundane, even when things get repetitive, a closer look at the things that make life great can make all the difference.” “Yesterday, I Lost A Day,” which follows previous single “When You’re Smiling My Way,” will be featured on GLASWING’s forthcoming EP, due out in 2021.

"Yesterday, I Lost A Day" calls to mind the minimalist lo-fi dream-pop of artists like (Sophtware Slump era) Grandaddy, Sparklehorse, or even Mazzy Star, all amazing company to be in. The vocals seem almost like a thought rather than a statement, as if the listener is inside Aaron's head, hearing his thoughts surrounded by an ethereal soundtrack. 

I never quite understood what it was that kept Copeland, formed in 2000, from having that "moment" where they went from underground emo favorites to massive worldwide recognition as the incredible songwriters and performers that they were. With Aaron's thoughfully pensive vocals/lyrics combined with dreamy piano-pop a la One Republic or Coldplay's softer moments making way for the occasional guitar-heavy emotion filled rager, they had all of the elements at the time of the proverbial "next big thing". Every time I had the chance to see Copeland perform at a club that I once owned in the Houston area, I remember wondering if it would be the last time they played in clubs as it always seemed they were destined for so much more.

Since the dissolution of Copeland Marsh has gone on to numerous production projects, co-producing his own band's studio albums alongside either Matt Goldman or Aaron Sprinkle, as well as producing The Myriad's You Can't Trust a Ladder, the Be Fair EP by the band Estates and The Positives by Person L.

As GLASWING, Marsh now crafts moody, electronic-pop music fusing elements of sample-based hip hop, symphonic layers and modern synthetic flourishes. For more information on GLASWING, please visit their Instagram page. We expect Glaswing to be at the top of a lot of 2021's most anticipated release lists. 

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