Modern New Wave band Head Fake Drops New Project, EP3

The Dark and Brooding "EP3" Now Available on All Major Platforms


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Oh, we are excited about this! Head Fake, a trio of semi-anonymous (music before beauty) veteran artists/producers, drops a new project titled EP3 today, using retro synths with modern tools to create a unique soundscape that evokes the “new wave” of the ’80s. As a child of the 80s and knowing what Head Fake is capable of, I couldn't be more elated! 

The songs on their latest album, EP3, combine depth in production and lyrics that draw listeners away from the current chaos we’re living through and back to the nostalgic sounds of the past decades. The music mixes the darker elements of 80s new wave era Depeche Mode or Bauhaus with those of more recent artists like The Killers, She Wants Revenge and The Strokes. This is rainy day music for the rest of us. 

Written, recorded and released during a worldwide pandemic, the songs have a somewhat forlorn quality that speaks to the loneliness we are all experiencing while somehow making the listener feel a little warm and fuzzy at the same time. Sort of like a heavy down comforter enveloping the body while the temperature is set at 65 degrees. “As the crisis has continued, we've noticed a growing interest in music that echoes past times and wanted to create a selection of songs that would contribute to that,” says band member, Michael.

“Hollywood Dreams”, a highlighted track on the EP, tells a story of dreams, fame, and fortune and how some often find their way instead of struggling with addiction. EP3 includes contributions from producer Ivan, London-based vocalist/composer/bassist James, and multi-instrumentalist and composer Michael.

Head Fake introduced EP2, the band’s second project, continuing the 80’s instrumental themes, and a cross-over pop and country (as heard in “I’m Found” and the deeply-sentimental “Song for Daughters”). The band has been recording in London, New Jersey, LA, and Miami with their music, but now they have recordings done remotely since the pandemic.

“The best part about this project is that the tracks are led with absolute perfection without changing the essence of the origin.” – Daily Music Roll

EP3 is available now on Spotify and all major platforms. Follow Head Fake on Instagram for more information.

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